About us

About us            


We,  J.. and E..,  the  owners  of  'Kottomissie',
have a Dutch/Surinam background,  hence  the  cooking  style.
The Chef, daughter D..,  a  very experienced  cook, but trained
in  European/International  cuisine,  has  been  carefully  tutored  by  
Eline in the secrets of  Surinam cuisine. All  this  is  reflected  in  the  
extensive and  very exciting menu,  an  interesting mix  between European   classics and South American spicy dishes, and also with a menu for our little guests.

On two of the walls in the restaurant, russian artisan-artist Jura Ziwilja, who amongst others, has done restauration work at the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, has spent months painting two captivating murals with motives from old Surinam. Also on display is a big doll from Surinam, dressed in a Kottomissie, giving the name to the restaurant.

'Kottomissie' means something like 'young girl's dress' and is a voluminous dress with many, many layers of material. Created some hundred years ago with the intention not to keep the young Surinam girls warm, hardly needed in a tropical climate, but rather a way for anxious mothers to keep men's eye away from young beautiful female bodies!!

Our restaurant is air-conditioned but we have a lovely shaded terrace as well. Besides our exciting menu, we have a comprehensive wine list, so visit us and treat yourself to something really special!

Booking is recommended!