Artificial nails

These days many women choose for artificial nails; to stop the nasty habbit of nail byting, to strenghten thin nails or just to have beautiful long, well-trimmed nails. The benefit of artificial nails is that all your nails are of the same length and if one nail should break, you can have it fixed. To wait for the broken nail to grow back to full length is history.

Artificial nails do ask for same maintenance. On average you should have them restyled and refilled every 2 weeks (depends one how fast your nails grow) by the stylist and it is advisable to renew all nails in time.


Different systems

There are several different systems to make artificial nails. Most systems used are gel and acryl. Gel is available in different shades of white and pink, the natural look or the french manicure look. The gel is applied on the nail and will harden underneath an UV-lamp and has no smell. Acryl, which does smell a little, is also available in different shades of white and pink. By using the right combination of acrylpowder and liquid, a small drop is shaped in the right form which will take about 1 hour to harden completely. The system used by me is acryl, because this is much easier to remove and the use of an UV-lamp can cause a burning sensation in the fingerstips of the client.

Tips or stencil

Tips are mostly used. Tips are artificial nails made of plastic. These tips are placed onto the natural nails, cut to length and filed into shape. The transition between the tip and natural nail is filed away to created a smooth surface, next the tip is treated with one of the above systems which makes the tip very strong and keeps it in place onto the natural nail. It seldom occurs that a good applied artificial nail brakes off. If your natural nails are long and even, you can choose not to use tips. Gel or acryl is then applied directly to the natural nail. This strengthens the natural nail. Or to lengthen the natural nail, the stylist can use a stencil which is applied underneath the natural nail and is then treated with on of the systems. This way length is created without the use of a tip.

Allergic reactions

Sometimes gel of acryl will cause an allergic reaction. Naturally the use of a different product will then be advised and everything will be done to provide a solution.


Every 2 to 3 weeks a follow-up is needed to always have good, well-trimmed nails. The follow-up for problem nails is mostely every 2 weeks. The treatment at home is minimum; massage the nail and cuticle twice a day with special oil and the condition of the nails will stay perfect.

One thing is certain; Beautiful nails is now for everyone. Broken or split nails are history. Make an appointment and ask for the different options. If you're still not sure, you can always ask for
a free testnail!